Prism Care undertakes decoration to occupied properties, refurbishments and property maintenance. We undertake minor projects and snagging services throughout the South East of England. Projects are managed by our experienced team of contract managers.


Prism Care has brought together the decorating expertise of AE Interior Services and the project management and service delivery skills of the Prism Building Services Group. It is a combination that ensures both a quality product and an excellent service.

AE Interior Services has operated as a painting and decorating, customer care and maintenance subcontractor to the new build industry for the last 30 years. We currently work for the likes of Taylor Wimpey, Countryside properties, Millwood Designer Homes and Pentland Homes throughout the South of England. Examples of the contracts undertaken are the internal and external painting and decorating of newly constructed homes, refurbishment projects and large decorating projects for domestic customers.

Prism Building Services Group was set up by its directors to bring project management, service management and IT implementation skills to the building industry. A suite of project management databases have been developed and introduced. These systems significantly reduce the amount of paperwork required, improve the speed and quality of information available to management and customers. The systems incorporate risk and issue management there by giving early indication of problems and reducing the associated costs of risk.


Prism is a group of companies that specialises in a multitude of services, from new construction projects to redesigning old ones.


We take old properties and make them look new, using the latest techniques to restore properties to give a professional and new feel.


Without proper care and attention things can detoriate. With our maintenance teams we can respond rapidly to any issues and maintain your property to the highest standards.


We compose very detailed snagging checks to help in the completion of projects and highlight any minor faults to be rectified.


We, in collaboration with our partners and contractors, are involved in everything that involves new building projects, and we oversee the process from planning to execution.


We work closely with seasoned professionals to put finishing touches on homes and other interior spaces. These finishing touches include painting, design and layout.


The properties that we build are available for rent, for both residential and commercial purposes. They are all fitted and designed to fit their unique purposes.

Our Stand on Environmental Safety

No one can escape the growing need to protect the environment, and as a result, we have conducted a thorough review of our operations and assessed their impact on the environment. We subsequently drafted a full Environmental Policy, and we review it at regular intervals. We also measure and improve our performance where possible.

We offer our customers a green service where:
As a part of our organisational policy, we have committed to adhere to the following.


We will endeavour to use local labour whenever we can. We will also use lift sharing and public transport when the options are available.


We care about the environment, and so, we only use environmentally friendly supplies for our services. We also communicate with our customers and clients electronically. Some of the communications include:

  • Receiving drawings electronically
  • Giving customers access to our on-line project databases
  • Placing of orders or site instructions on-line
  • Issuing invoices electronically


We always endeavour to explore ways through which we can cut down on the energy and materials we consume. For full details, on our Environmental Policy, please reach out to us by completing the contact form.

As an organisation, we have committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment and fully subscribe to Prism Building Services Group’s environmental policy.